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NEW Loose Floral Play! Watercolor OR Gouache Painting FUN!

Yasmina Creates

In this bite-sized yet comprehensive class, you will learn how to paint loose floral bouquets using watercolor or gouache, from your imagination! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this class will guide you through the process of creating stunning floral paintings with ease. We are going to have so much fun playing with colors, shapes, textures, and more! :)

The recommended supplies include watercolor OR gouache paints (you can follow the class with either), brushes, paper, and optional mixed media materials like black paper for gouache, pastels, or colored pencils. Whatever you have is just fine!

First, we’ll talk about quieting that pesky inner critic. Shhh.

Then we’ll focus on being loose with your brush, as this is essential to creating florals. You will learn about different flower ideas, which we will go in-depth into in 3 styles:

  • The ‘Doodly’ Style
  • The Delicate Style
  • & The Loose Style

You’ll also get leaf and vase ideas to make the cutest compositions.

We’ll also dive into building your visual vocabulary by drawing from life or references, how to find inspiration and the importance of being inspired, how to make pleasing compositions, mistakes to avoid, and we’ll finish off with other tips from color to thumbnail painting.

Then we’ll dive into painting LOTS of tiny cute floral pieces very quickly to build our skills and practice what we learned. I’ll help you overcome perfectionism and the fear of failure along the way!

The quick painting exercise of tiny bouquets takes 5 minutes or less each, and I’m sure you’ll want to do tons of them because of how fun they are to make. In the final project, we will pick one small painting and create a bigger version inspired by it. At this stage, we’ll have fun with detail and play! You can use mixed media like colored pencils or pastels to play even more if you like. I will show you two examples: one with watercolor and one with gouache.

In summary, this class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to paint loose floral bouquets using watercolor or gouache. The focus on being loose with the brush, finding inspiration, and building your visual vocabulary will help you create gorgeous florals just by painting intuitively from your imagination!

What are you waiting for? Let’s play! :)


This class is also available on Skillshare, a subscription course platform. All 28 of my classes plus THOUSANDS more from other awesome teachers are on there! I highly recommend it for the value, but if you want to just buy a couple courses or want lifetime access to them, you can get them here on Gumroad.


This is a 1h 13m fun & playful course, that is divided into 18 lessons.

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NEW Loose Floral Play! Watercolor OR Gouache Painting FUN!

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